Nikhil and Jay visit India in this third book in the sparkling Early Reader series about a British Asian family.

Nikhil and Jay and Amma and Appa are off to India for the Christmas holidays to visit Chennai Granny and Grandad. In Grandad’s garden they see parrots and Chennai squirrels, a mango tree and a coconut tree. It’s all very new and exciting but the boys miss Max the Cat! One day they go to the beach, play Catch Me If You Can in the big waves and eat Granny’s Indian savoury snacks. The boys have their first Chennai Christmas, with mango-leaf decorations, Indian sweets for Father Christmas, a basket of beautiful Indian wooden toys – and a special Christmas star. And last but not least, the family see in the New Year the Indian way. They make a Welcome poster, Granny lights a lamp at midnight, and they all eat Granny’s delicious Kesala as an Indian New Year treat.

This third book in the Nikhil and Jay series is perfect for children moving on from picture books to longer stories, helped by Soofiya’s lively and characterful illustrations.


Chitra Soundar is a well-known and popular writer and storyteller for children. Born in Chennai, she has written over 40 books, including Pattan’s Pumpkin (illustrated by Frane Lessac) for Otter-Barry Books and the first two titles in the Nikhil and Jay series: Nikhil and Jay Save the Day and Nikhil and Jay: The Star Birthday. The Nikhil and Jay books are inspired by Chitra’s two nephews and their real experiences within their blended family. Chitra divides her time between south London and Chennai, India.

Soofiya is a visual artist and illustrator. Soofiya’s work explores ideas around race, gender and bodies. Their illustration and design clients include Tate Britain, Mayor of London, Hachette, BBC, Nike and many more. They illustrated Nikhil and Jay Save the Day and Nikhil and Jay: The Star Birthday. They live close to the sea and like to spend weekends painting and taking care of their plants.

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