Early readers from all backgrounds will enjoy these four lively stories from the everyday life of two young brothers in a British Indian family

In these four interlinked stories about Nikhil and Jay and their family, there's always fun and mischief. Grandad and Granny come to visit from India and show the boys that the best way to eat mangoes is in the bath! There's a Star Birthday for Nikhil, with a special Indian Feast. Another day the family all go for a banana picnic in the park. Everyone is sad when it's time for Granny and Grandad to go back to India, but Nikhil and Jay promise to send letters and pictures.

The Nikhil and Jay stories are perfect for children moving on from picture books to longer stories, helped by Soofiya's lively and characterful illustrations.


Chitra Soundar is a very well-known and popular writer for children. Born in Chennai, India, she has written over 40 books, including Pattan's Pumpkin for Otter-Barry Books (2017).

Soofiya is a visual artist, designer, design educator and campaigner whose warm, playful illustrations have been used in books, magazines and other media by clients including Tate Modern, Tate Britain, The Barbican and the BBC.

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