Told in dynamic verse and prose, The Bones of Us is a thrilling debut novel about friends, family amid the world of amateur boxing set in East London.

Living on an East London council estate has its worries - and life for teenager Molly hasn’t always been easy. But she has a dream, a dream to be a boxer just like her older brother Denny. When he agrees he’ll help her train she couldn’t be more excited. But then everything changes. Denny goes missing and the police are after him. Her mum and dad are working all hours to keep the bailiffs from their door and don’thave time to worry about Denny. So as Molly secretly continues her training with her friend Kwaku, they decide to search for Denny and find out the truth about his disappearance.


Kel Duckhouse was born in Leytonstone, London. She currently lives with her three children in Wiltshire, where she works as an Author, Poet and Spoken Word Artist. Kel graduated with distinction from Bath Spa University, where she studied a Masters in Writing for Young People. Kel started her career as a poet and performer and loves works with musicians to put her poetry to music. The Bones of Me is her debut novel. When she’s not writing, she’s campaigning for social causes or dying her hair pink. Her dream is to buy a camper van and travel the UK and Europe writing.


An uncompromising and unflinching novel that certainly packs a punch.

Brian Conaghan, author of The Boy Who Made it Rain

Gutsy, gripping and dangerous yet full of heart, truth and soul. Duckhouse’s exceptional debut floats like a butterfly, stings like a poet.

Keith Gray, author of Ostrich Boys and The Climbers

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