Based on the hit Netflix series, join Hilda - explorer, adventurer, avid sketchbook-keeper and friend to (almost!) every creature in the valley - as she heads to Scout Camp.

Join our beloved heroine as she heads to Scout Camp, hoping for the most normal scouting expedition ever. But, when her expedition map gets lost and she encounters a Merman fleeing a vicious sea serpent, Hilda is flung into her next adventure...


Luke Pearson has fast become one of the leading talents of the UK comics scene. He is the creator of the original Hildafolk comics.

Stephen Davies is a British author living in London. He has written for the Guardian Weekly and the Sunday Times. He is the author of several books for young readers.


Hilda and the Laughing Merman is very accessible; easy to read with comfortable chapter spacing, an uncluttered format and clear text… The language is a wonderful mix of everyday words and the fanciful which really does add a fun element to the language. The illustrations by Sapo Lendario are delightfully quirky, and certainly capture the weird and wonderful.

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