Professor Astro Cat's Deep-Sea Voyage

Illustrator: Ben Newman

Binding: Hardcover

Imprint: Flying Eye Books

Professor Astro Cat Series

Age 3+

Educational: Biology Science & Technology: General Interest

Where did the oceans come from? Can you take a submarine to the bottom of the sea? What exactly is a coral reef? Learn about ocean creatures big and small, and how humans explore the underwater world in this incredible illustrated book on the depths of the sea.

Join your helpful guide, Professor Astro Cat, as he takes a dive from the seashore all the way to the ocean floor. From whales to deep-sea vents, there’s so much to discover on this Deep-Sea Voyage.


Dr Dominic Walliman produces the popular YouTube channel Domain of Science. He has a PhD in quantum device physics and worked for several years in the quantum computing industry. He lives in Vancouver, Canada.

Ben Newman is an award-winning illustrator who has racked up an impressive list of clients including Penguin, the BBC, and the New York Times, amongst many others.

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