Neffy and the Feathered Dinosaurs

Illustrator: Joe Lillington

Binding: Hardcover

Imprint: Flying Eye Books

Age 4+

Dinosaurs & Prehistoric World

It was a very special day for Neffy the Microraptor - she would be taking her first flight. But when Neffy spread her wings she didn’t know what she was supposed to do! Will she learn in time to join her sisters and escape the predators on the ground?

In this informative and fact-based story, Joe Lillington takes the reader back to the time of dinosaurs as we follow young Neffy in her first attempt at flying. Along the way, she meets other friendly dinosaurs (and some not so friendly ones), all illustrated in Lillington’s beautiful style full of character.


Joe Lillington was born in London and studied illustration at Falmouth University. He was recently commissioned to illustrate the cover of Stew Magazine, illustrated a short story in AMBIT magazine and has exhibited at Light Grey Art Lab shows, Just Us collective show.


This book is a keeper. Children who are interested in dinosaurs will absolutely love it and parents and teachers will find that it is a wonderful resource for discussion and information.

Read Plus

This is the ideal book for fact-collecting kiddos (age 4+), with a sweet little story that makes for perfect bedtime reading.

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