Our Granny needs supervision day and night. She is a walking catastrophe. Talk about little kids getting into regular trouble — Granny is a thousand times worse... Two stories. One book. Lots of laughs.

Story One — Granny Goes to the Gym. Granny is working out so she can compete in “The Greatest Triathlon on Earth”. But can she survive her personal fitness trainer, Zena?

Story Two — Granny the Great Inventor. Granny is entering the Inventor of the Year competition with her latest, most secret invention. But is the world ready for Granny’s brilliant idea?


Jan Dallimore had two grannies. One would make her cheese and jam sandwiches on really thick bread. Then she and Jan would go on a picnic together and eat the lot. The other granny would buy her great books and write lovely things in them. She would sometimes stay at Jan's place where they spent time creating games and playing them.

Heath McKenzie once had a granny — in fact he had two. While neither Granny ever invented robots, powered through triathlons or suffered disastrous road accidents they were, nevertheless, prone to buying him gifts, cooking fabulous food and appearing on TV game shows.

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