A Short and Amazing History of Aussie Riles

Binding: Paperback

Imprint: Black Dog Books

Age 12+

Football / Soccer

Who is the real father of Australian Rules Football? What positions did God, the King and Captain Blood play? How did Ron Barassi rev up the Blues at half-time in the 1970 Grand Final? Why did Nicky Winmar show the Collingwood crowd the colour of his skin? What’s a little mark? Or a shirtfront?


Paula Hunt broke her father’s Swan heart when she announced, at the age of four, she was a Blue. It was the start of a life long passion for the game of Australian Rules. At the end of the last millennium Paula finished a lengthy stint as a manager in corporate Australia then decided there just wasn’t enough football in her career. Now, as Jezza Bella, she writes a weekly column about the Blues in The Melbourne Times and works on Health and Safety at the Mecca of football, the MCG. She waits expectantly for next season.


Shirtfront is jam-packed full of statistics and stories about the history of Aussie Rules football and the characters who made it the game it is today. The history of the game is interwoven with the history of Melbourne. It explores state rivalries as well as the particular characteristics which have shaped individual teams. Paula Hunt has gathered a rich collection for the footy fan. Recommended for anyone interested in understanding and learning more about Aussie Rules football.

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