Will Gallows and the Snake-Bellied Troll

Illustrator: Jonny Duddle

Binding: Paperback

Imprint: Andersen Press

Book 1 of Will Gallows Series

Age 9+

Fantasy & Magical Realism Adventure Stories General Fiction

Will Gallows, a young elfling sky cowboy, rides out on a perilous quest to bring the evil snake-bellied troll bandit, Noose Wormworx, to justice. Noose is wanted for the murder of Will's pa - the former deputy sheriff of Oretown.
Will's journey takes him deep into the heart of the West-Rock, to the dark underground city of Deadrock, where he soon uncovers a deadly secret that could spell disaster not only for Oretown, but for the whole of the West-Rock.


Derek began writing after making a new resolution in the year 2000 and hasn't looked back. He has a thriving schools program, storytelling and taking creative writing workshops around local schools. He lives in Northern Ireland with his wife, Elaine and has twin daughters, Sarah-Jane and Rebekah.


With an epic journey, dramatic setting and a host of terrifying monsters, there’s a thrill on every page.

Booktrust, Richard and Judy Book Club

Like Eoin Colfer, Derek Landy and Garret Carr, it is full of Irish wit, dystopian vision and musicality, merging three genres (SF, hard-boiled detective story and the Wild West) within a children’s novel. Extremely funny and utterly bonkers.

The Times

I can’t remember a book that so successfully merges two completely different genres so convincingly, and engagingly . . . I can easily recommend it.


A romping cowboy story with a difference, this is entertaining, action pack adventure set in a richly imagined fantasy world.


Selected for the Blue Peter Book Club

Blue Peter Book Club

Derek Keilty has opened up a rich seam of adventure here, and I foresee much fruitful prospecting to come.

Armadillo Magazine

An ingenious amalgam of western and fantasy with a whole lot of humour added in.

The School Librarian

Will Gallows will appeal to both boys and girls, with Keilty making great use of language, so much so that you can hear the voices of the characters as you read . . . readers are bound to find themselves enthralled.

Inis Magazine

A real page-turner of a book. You can’t fail to like Will Gallows.

Red House

This book captures the imagination and rips you through a thrilling adventure. Funny, fresh and thoroughly unique. A cracking read.

Children's Books Ireland

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