One stormy night Grace Darling, the lighthouse keeper's daughter, spots a ship in trouble on the rocks. At the same time the lighthouse cat Gracie spots that a kitten from her new litter has strayed. Braving the rain and storm, Grace and Gracie both hurry to the rescue of the lost kitten and shipwrecked passengers.


Ruth Brown is the creator of some of Britain's best loved children's books, that have been shortlisted for many awards, including the Kate Greenaway Medal. She has created a great many picture books for Andersen Press and is highly respected as an author and illustrator. She was born in Devon and now lives in London and Kent.


The Times vote it one of the best stories of the season claiming – It’s detailed drawings are fabulous.

The Times

Painterly and vigorous illustrations. The strong and loving cat provides a good way into the larger tale of human courage.

The Guardian

Illustrated with lush, expressive paintings.

New York Times Book Review

Wonderfully painted images… this is a delightful read for both adults and young children alike.

The Cat Magazine

Each double page spread atmospherically conveys urgent haste, wind-lashed gales, desperate searches or warming rescue. Great for sharing.

The School Librarian

Clever construction and atmospheric images.

Nursery World

(Ruth Brown) captures the contentment, curiosity, concern, terror and courage of the felines, closely observed and darkly dramatic.

Books for Keeps

A really beautiful book, with something new to look at every time you come back to it.

Parents In Touch

Gracie the Lighthouse Cat is illustrated with lush, expressive paintings.

New York Times Book Review

The book’s finely drawn watercolour illustrations work harder than the story’s simple words to fully communicate the fear, confusion, and, ultimately, relief.

ForeWord Magazine

This tale of feline excitement takes place with the true-life story of Grace Darling’s famous 1838 rescue as its backdrop . . . No one does cats quite like [Ruth Brown].

Kirkus Magazine

Beautifully illustrated and thrillingly told, this is an adventure that is bound to captivate young imaginations, and also raise questions about the nature of heroism.

Teach Primary

The book’s finely drawn watercolor illustrations work well in concert with the story’s simple words to fully communicate fear, confusion, and, ultimately, relief.

Foreword Reviews

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