Piper is a gentle dog, courageous and anxious to please. His mother told him to always obey his master, and he does his best to follow her advice. But when his grim new master treats Piper badly, he is terrified and runs away. Will his humble, quiet courage be better appreciated in the big city?


Emma Chichester Clark was born in London. She studied at Chelsea School of Art and then the Royal College where she was taught by Quentin Blake. She won the Mother Goose Award in 1988. She is now one of the foremost children's illustrators in the U.K.


Among the many flavours of children’s books, that of Emma Chichester Clark’s – funny, elegant and delicious – is unique.

Quentin Blake

This is a good example of traditional story telling tailored to meet the modern child.

Write Away!

Remarkably fine illustrations

School Librarian

We love this story. piper is a lovely character and the story really touched our hearts.

Education Otherwise

A touching tale


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