Penguins love their chicks even when they can't be with them, and Sam learns that his dad feels just the same.

The perfect picture book for dads at storytime...

Luckily for Sam, Dad's home just in time for a bedtime story. But tonight there’ll be no aliens or super heroes, instead he’ll tell the tale of Papa Penguin, who loves his beautiful boy-chick very much, even when he’s not always around.


Lindsay Camp has been writing books for young children for over 20 years, and has collaborated with esteemed illustrators such as Tony Ross. He lives in Bristol, with his wife Anna, and their dog Albert.

Momoko Abe is a self-taught illustrator based in London. She grew up in Japan, and moved to the UK to study filmmaking. She still works in the TV and film industry, whilst pursuing her passion for children’s books. Momoko was shortlisted for the World Illustration Award in 2019.


A lovely story of superhero dads… clever and charming… Momoko Abe’s illustrations are full of warmth and family love


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