There was once a bird in the forest that was completely black, except for his white eyes, who was laughed at by all the other animals because he did not have a name. So he must go to seek his fortune.

A modern fable that answers the question "How did the toucan get its name?" - and also incidentally his amazing colours.

This beautiful hardback edition of David McKee's first ever picture book – published in its original size - is reissued to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Andersen Press.


David McKee's first book was published in 1964. His books are now published in many languages throughout the world, and many of them have been adapted for television. He is one of the leading contemporary children's book creators who work includes Mr Benn, Elmer the patchwork elephant, King Rollo, Not Now, Bernard and many, many more books that are now considered modern classics. David now lives in the South of France.


McKee’s unstated, surreal humour is as distinctive as his graphic style, and this is a book to delight readers of all ages.


Filled with gentle humour and populated with the quirkiest jungle animals.

Big Issue in the North, Nick Sharratt

Master of the children’s parable.

The Listener

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