Magnolia Moon is very good at finding courage. And when you’ve fought with your best friend and your grandma is sick, it will take great courage to find a way forward.

Magnolia Moon returns with a story of the great daring it takes to be ten years old (almost eleven). Whether she’s helping a friend be brave, standing up to bullies or helping out at home, Magnolia shows readers how a little bit of courage can make life magical. A lyrical and imaginative tale which highlights everyday wonders through Magnolia's curious and observant nature.


Edwina Wyatt is an award-winning Australian children’s author. She grew up in Sydney, and worked as a lawyer and a high school teacher before becoming a writer of books for young readers. Her debut junior fiction novel was The Secrets of Magnolia Moon. Edwina lives in the Victorian High Country with her husband and two children. She has a passion for horses, paddocks and pine trees, and is an “aspiring” vegetable gardener and pianist (although she cannot read music…). Some of her favourite authors include David Almond, Arnold Lobel, Virginia Woolf, Astrid Lindgren, Michelle Cuevas, Kate DiCamillo and A.A. Milne.


The third Magnolia Moon book is lyrical and delightful, just like the first two. It is a gentle story that shows kids – and adults – that being brave comes in lots of shapes and sizes, and that it can make us feel anxious and uneasy, but there is also power in being brave and courageous.

Ashleigh Meikle

Magnolia is an everyday child with everyday worries – but she tackles them with heart. Each chapter stands alone as little vignette of a situation where Magnolia has to find her inner courage, but also builds to a whole. Just lovely.

Sally Murphy

…today I read all of The Courage of Magnolia Moon and as you can see I am giving it five stars. The final scene at the school dance is simply perfect. This is such a splendid series and I highly recommend you add them to your primary school library shelves.

Momo Time to Read

While this story is quiet, it is also gentle and comforting. Each chapter is its own little story that links to the complete story. The lyricism is softly absorbing and shows kids that being brave comes in lots of ways. Magnolia Moon’s courage is tender and always fearless. The Courage of Magnolia Moon is charming, clever, elegant, and wise. Her lyrical and imaginative world is a delight. Everyday wonders are highlighted through Magnolia’s curious and observant nature. This story celebrates courage, love, and magic.

Reading Time

Courage is an essential skill, and who knew it had so many facets! Magnolia Moon shares all, in the most wonderful adventures ever! The Courage of Magnolia Moon by Edwina Wyatt is the third book in the Magnolia Moon novels. A heart-warming tale that shares bravery, tenacity, reflection and love. It is a delight to have Magnolia Moon back again sharing her vulnerabilities, and observations of life through her eyes… A truly beautiful, comforting yet thought-provoking read. Magnolia Moon is a little gem!


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