Winner of the CBCA Shadow Judging Picture Book of the Year 2023

Now in paperback and includes BONUS Make Your Own Penguin activity!

Frank is full of ideas. Some are good and some . . . are not.

But when Frank gets a colourful idea in (and on) his head, will a few nervous penguins stop him from sharing it?


Sean E Avery is a teacher, writer-illustrator, sculptor and designer born in South Africa; living in Perth, Western Australia. Locally, he’s best known as the writer-illustrator of well-loved children’s picture books, All Monkeys Love Bananas and Harold and Grace published by Fremantle Press. Internationally, he’s best known as a sculptor who uses CDs and DVDs to create breath-taking works of art that reside in galleries and private collections all around the world. He is curious, enthusiastic and ready to work hard for the things he believes in.


A picture book about inclusion, difference and believing in yourself. With quirky and endearing illustrations. Young readers will love Frank.

The Funday Telegraph

Sometimes it just takes someone with a belief in their ideas, in what they do and can offer to bring colour into a monochrome world thus changing that world forever, and Frank’s determination and resilience to be and make the changes is a lesson to all those who have a talent or an idea.


Encouraging those with the big ideas to not give up, to persevere while being willing to listen to their audience and even modify their prototypes to address concerns and meet new needs, this is a story that offers the boost to continue that might be needed.

The Bottom Shelf

A wonderfully enthusiastic story of chasing your dreams and not giving up, this story will be a hit in classrooms and the home as it is read to younger folk, eyes boggling at the landscape presented to them in the stunning illustrations using digital collage and paper folding techniques. The freezing environment is drawn with icebergs and mountains, cold icy seas and few animals: penguins and seals with an orca lurking in the background. Readers will love seeking out the features of this part of the world, adding to their knowledge of their wider environment. And they will love Frank and his determination, keeping on with his idea despite opposition, seeing in Frank a role model to emulate.


A picture book which is great fun to read out loud! Frank is a penguin with dreams of colour in a black-and-white world. The illustrations are witty, with some subtle jokes going on…

ABC Radio Sydney


CBCA Book of the Year Awards, Picture Book
Indie Book Awards - Children’s Category
WAYRBA, Picture Book
Funky Kids Radio Global Children's Entertainment Awards Picture Book of the Year
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