A child counts down the figs on the backyard fig tree, as each one is snatched away by a different Australian animal, in this ode to Australia's natural landscape.

Ten little figs are on my tree.
I love figs and they're all for me.

Ten Little Figs is a joyful rhyming picture book about a child keeping careful watch of the figs on the fig tree in his backyard. With his dog by his side, he counts down the number of figs as they are taken by various hungry Australian animals (flying fox, finches, green ants and others) until only one fig is left. Who will get that very last fig?


Ten Little Figs is by Rhiân Williams, an ardent explorer of the natural world and is passionate about stories and children's books. She lives in country NSW.

Nathaniel Eckstrom is an illustrator based in Sydney, Australia. He has worked on a number of children’s picture books including Stubborn Stanley, The Hole Idea, Roadtrip and The Dress-Box. DUCK!, written by Meg McKinlay, was his first book with Walker Books. His second is Ten Little Figs, written by Rhian Williams.


a delight to read out loud… Ten Little Figs celebrates native Australian plants and wildlife and all the things one can discover in one’s own backyard.

Sarah Fairbairn

Recommended… colourful, lively and enjoyable… 4 out of 5


A perfect read-aloud to share whether you’re in ‘stay at home’ mode or not – this one will be a sure-fire hit with small humans from around 2 upwards.

Just So Stories

A lovely book that I am looking forward to reading with my grandson when the Covid19 restrictions are lifted.

Sharon Greenaway Reviews

A pleasing sing-song rhyme to the text makes it flow easily off the tongue and a delight to read out loud.

CBCA: Reading Time


Speech Pathology Book Of The Year Awards, Birth to 3yrs
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