A charmingly illustrated, deeply reassuring Little Wombat story in the internationally acclaimed bestselling series, about getting lost and found again.

Little Wombat loves playing hide-and-seek with his friends, even though he doesn't understand all the rules of the game. So when it's his turn to look, he hides again, then calls out "Two, TEN" and opens his eyes. So Rabbit and Koala suggest he counts 10 flowers and searches for them. But Little Wombat doesn't count the pink blossoms beside him, he wanders far away, over the hill, looking for yellow ones. Suddenly, he realises that he's all alone. But that he can depend on his friends and his mum coming to the rescue.

Little Wombat series, by Charles Fuge has sold over 1 million copies.



Cuddly, sweet-faced, and personality-filled animals in Fuge’s inimitable style, plus a comforting story that kids will really empathize with, add up to a winning combination.

Good Reads

It is a beautiful little story with the most gorgeous illustrations of the native animals that feature in it! They just transport you into the story!

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The well-known Little Wombat book series is as adorable as ever. You can’t help but smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside when you read these books.

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This is an endearing picture book for pre-schoolers and junior primary students.


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