An exciting new addition to the narrative nonfiction series Nature Storybooks, about kookaburras.

In the crinkled shadows night-dwellers yawn, day-creatures stretch and Kookaburra laughs. Kook-kook-kook. Kak-kak-kak.

The team behind Dingo is back again with a new addition to the Nature Storybooks series. The kookaburra, perhaps Australia's best-loved bird, is shown in all her glory in a stunning and vivid landscape. Follow along as Kookaburra finds food for her young and goes searching for a nest with her mate.

Full of fun and interesting facts about kookaburras – perfect for nature lovers and budding wildlife scientists.



Nature Storybooks open countless opportunities to younger readers, to identify and learn about Australian animals and birds … Fantastic design and layout

Kids' Book Review

the illustrations . . . are both artful and lifelike and are absolutely gorgeous . . . This book is exceptional. It is an absolute must for school and public libraries and would make the perfect gift for all ages.


This is a superb title to share with children at home or as a non-fiction narrative in the classroom. … the perfect choice for budding wildlife experts

Reading Time

The artwork is sublime! It feels like every page is a gorgeous painting where you can see the brushstrokes bringing the natural Australian landscape to life.

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delightful and so very interesting for all ages! … “Kookaburra” is a keeper & one that will be cherished. - Instagram