Henrie's Hero Hunt (House of Heroes Book 2)

Illustrator: A. Yi

Binding: E-Book

Imprint: Walker Books Australia

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Book 2 of House of Heroes Series

Age 8+

General Fiction

A girl. A boy. A great aunt. A mystery! The second book in the exciting House of Heroes series!

Henrie Melchior, the first girl born into the House of Heroes in 200 years, is on a Hero Hunt. When Marely Hart phones on the Hero Hotline, Henrie, Marley and Alex Fischer are in a race against time to find Henrie's missing parents, a missing gold statue and the answers to questions piling up around her archaeologist great aunt . . . but Violetta Villarne from Villains Incorporated is watching very closely. The answers Henrie needs are buried somewhere in the past, but the present is a whirlwind of secrets and subterfuge. Will Henrie solve the Hunt? Will she find her parents? Or will the House of Melchior shadow her forever?

Perfect for readers who like their heroes to be smart, fearless and ready for action.


Petra James was born in a small town in the South Island of New Zealand, and came to Australia via London. She has written several fiction and non-fiction titles for children and, most recently, is the author of the seven books in the Arkie Sparkle series. Like Arkie, she wanted to be an archaeologist when she grew up, but instead sold chocolate chip cookies and eventually found her way into publishing. When she is not sending fictional characters (often named after streets) on adventures, she works in children's publishing in Sydney.


Books that play with language like this can encourage a lifelong of words and reading and is thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable on all levels. Another great middle grade book for readers aged nine and older.

The Book Muse

A fantastic read for adults and children built with exceptional use of language, excellent poster and other illustrations that accompany a story that grips and entertains.

Kids' Book Review

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