A rambunctious romp of a family road trip around Australia looking for the right place to celebrate Aunty's birthday with a cake.

An everyday Aussie family leaves their Melbourne home, makes for the Great Ocean Road and finds themselves on the journey of a lifetime to every state and territory of Australia. They visit many iconic places along the way and although it wasn't their original intention, they experience the whole gamut of landscapes, climates and wonders that Australia has to offer: from The Twelve (now seven) Apostles, to Coober Pedy, Ningaloo Reef, Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef, the Harbour Bridge, the Australian War Memorial in Canberra, Port Arthur and finally, back home to Melbourne.



This rhyming picture book is Jackie Hosking’s love letter both to Australia, and to the Australian tradition of the mega road trip.

Kids Book Review

A most informative and fun filled book for younger students to acquire knowledge of our hot spots and learn a little of the geography of our island home.


The illustrations are beautiful, the representation of Australia is wonderful and the rhyming storyline was so captivating.

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Students in Stage 1 in the Australian Curriculum learn about Australia and this book fits perfectly into the curriculum as a springboard into learning more about the diverse places to go – beyond the obvious.

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This colourful narrative nonfiction book is a feast of interesting titbits about the most culturally significant places in our nation.

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