An exciting historical fantasy YA by award-winning New Zealand author Sherryl Jordan.

“Words hold a terrible power. They can break a heart, or give it a reason to live. They can grant freedom – or begin a war.”

In a world where it is a crime to speak against injustice, a jester dares to perform a play that enrages a powerful tyrant prince. The jester’s daughter, Giovanna, must journey into the heart of danger to turn back the terrible consequences unleashed by her father’s words – and becomes entangled in a treacherous plot to overthrow the prince. She alone holds a secret which, if made public, will end the prince’s reign and liberate his oppressed people. But when to openly denounce him brings certain death, will Giovanna have the courage to speak out?


Sherryl Jordan is an award-winning New Zealand writer who has been publishing books for children and young adults for over 20 years. Her work has been translated into several languages. The Anger of Angels, her first book with Walker, is an alternate history/fantasy YA that explores the power of words.


Sherryl Jordan’s welcome return to teenage fiction has it all: romance, mystery and extreme danger … A renowned storyteller at her very best.

Tessa Duder

The Anger of Angels is a book with a message of hope and shows us anyone can have the strength to act towards what you believe in or love.


Overall everything about the book was beautiful, well written and engaging but unfortunately the constant and unstoppable chit chat between the characters brought it down for me and was a deal breaker. Also stunning as cover!!

Blue Fairy Tales

Giovanna was a strongly written main character whose bonds with other characters revealed the way like minds can connect. The romance in the story was innocent yet intense, with both characters fiercely devoted to each other after a short period of time. The imagery was vibrant and dynamic, with the descriptions of magic and the characters themselves bringing the story to life


I went into The Anger of Angels with high expectations and I’m delighted to say that it was sheer perfection! This book is just so captivating and full of heart. I was instantly charmed by the characters and enchanted by the world – I’m sure this is another Sherryl Jordan book I will be re-reading again and again.


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