Both a suspenseful thriller and a nuanced portrayal of neurodivergence, this literary page-turner features a unique heroine facing formidable and still-relevant enemies.

It's 1967, and Kitty Granger is about to accidentally become a spy. A working-class girl from London's East End who today would be recognized as on the autism spectrum, she's spent sixteen years hiding her peculiarities from the world. But after her hyper-awareness helps her survive a chance encounter with a Russian spy ring, two British secret agents offer her a job. Kitty's first mission draws her into a fascist conspiracy led by a prominent politician—who’s also an unreformed Nazi sympathizer. With help from her team, Kitty must use her wits, training, and instincts to get out alive. And she might as well save the country while she's at it.


G. D. Falksen is the author of several novels, including Doctor Cthulittle, The Transatlantic Conspiracy, The Ouroboros Cycle series, and Blood in the Skies. He is a member of the Advisory Board of Writers and Artists Across the Country. Read more at


Falksen’s portrayal of a multifaceted girl who comes into her own while being thrust into an intriguing world of espionage is at turns delightful, poignant, and suspenseful. I couldn’t stop turning the pages to find out how Kitty Granger would triumph!

Jennieke Cohen, author of Dangerous Alliance

You’ll root for Kitty Granger, a heroine for our times, from the first to the last page.

With gadgets and gizmos aplenty, daring escapes, last-minute miracles, and cinematic and crisply described action sequences, Kitty’s adventures read like a neurodivergent, female James Bond for the junior set. The secondary characters lack complex development but deliver timely observations such as, ‘Pretending that prejudice doesn’t exist isn’t the same as not being prejudiced.’ Falksen delivers a ripping read that is historically grounded, drawing a direct line from past events to current debates over diversity, immigration, and the eternal peril of fascism. Nail-biting fascism-fighting featuring an atypical heroine.

Kirkus Reviews

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