A surprising, charming, and flat-out fun book for very young readers. These books are great visual literacy tools, encourage good sportsmanship, and will delight on every page thanks to the creative cartooning.

At the start of a game of capture the flag, everyone underestimates Chavo—both his opponents and his own teammates. But his determination and quick thinking lead him to a surprise victory.

This bright, word-free graphic novel is the third in the Game for Adventure series, which features a diverse cast of characters who play classic games in fun, fantasy settings. In Chavo the Invisible, a public park transforms into a sci-fi landscape for a funny and wild capture the flag game.


Lee Nordling is a two-time Eisner Award nominee and award-winning writer, editor, creative director, and book packager. He worked on staff at Disney Publishing, DC Comics, and Nickelodeon Magazine.

Flavio B. Silva is an artist working for Brazil's Magic Eye Studio.


This latest in this series of wordless graphic novels centers on an epic nighttime game of capture the flag (with lasers). Chavo is the first to arrive in the large park but the last picked for the blue team. As night falls, the playground and wooded park transform into a menacing alien landscape, complete with two moons and giant toothy serpents. Chavo bravely hides his team’s flag but is left behind as his teammates run into the pink territory. This oversight turns out to be a boon when they are tagged by the pink team’s lasers and are frozen in place. Chavo improvises a clever distraction when his own laser doesn’t work and then captures the pink team’s flag and makes it back to blue territory. Vibrant colors in distinct palettes, good comic timing, and engaging facial expressions make it easy to follow the action as well as the ups and downs of Chavo’s experience. VERDICT Highly recommended for elementary graphic novel collections

School Library Journal

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