Discover the basic principles of engineering as you and your little one build a tower in this playful new title in the Big Science for Tiny Tots series from MIT Kids!

Time to play! Watch as your baby uses their body for support, stability and structure while they reach and stack to make a tower. Observe the importance of a strong base and load-bearing materials as your little engineer builds, until ... uh-oh! CRASH! See how baby applied force to knock that tower down! Science is all around us and it's FUN!

This exciting addition to the Big Science for Tiny Tots series of bright photographic board books encourages little ones and their carers to ask questions, feed their curiosity and fire up their senses as they go about their everyday play.


Jill Esbaum writes both fiction and nonfiction including books in the Nature Numbers series with Scholastic and Little Kids Big Book, Explore My World, and other series with National Geographic. She is also the author of a standalone title called Jack Knight’s Brave Flight.

WonderLab Group is a children's non-fiction content creator founded by experienced editors from National Geographic.

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