Batpig: Too Pig to Fail

Illustrator: Rob Harrell

Binding: Paperback

Imprint: Walker Books

Book 2 of Batpig Series

Age 7+

Comic Strip Fiction / Graphic Novels

With great porker comes great responsibility.
Gary Yorkshire is finally getting into the swing of this whole superhero thing – saving the world from terrible villains, masterfully concealing his identity with a very small mask. But what happens when Batpig is called to battle time itself in a maths class that just won't end? Or when the city is attacked by something completely (and literally) out of this world?

It's not easy being a super-swine, but with the help of his best friends Brook the bat and Carl the fish, there's no hamburglar they can't catch.

A brilliantly funny and skilfully rendered commercial young graphic novel series, with each book containing two separate stories.


Rob Harrell is an author and illustrator based in Indiana, USA. He has previously published many books for young readers, including the hit illustrated novel series Life of Zarf and middle grade novel WINK, which received huge praise across the US and UK, including a starred review from the New York Times and a best book of the year by both TIME Magazine and the New York Public Library.


A super funny super adorable super hero! I adore Batpig.

Crazy comedy.

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Scholastic Graphic Novel Prize
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