What is Aisha’s favourite colour? Is it white like delicious Es Campur ice? Blue like the ocean? Or maybe it’s all the colours, like the beautiful rainbow kites soaring in the sky?
Aisha envies her friend’s holidays in faraway places – holidays with white snow, blue swimming pools and rainbow fish. But as Aisha and her parents drive to Grandma’s house through the spectacular Indonesian countryside, Aisha opens her eyes to the wonderful colours just outside her window – white, blue, rainbow and more – and, ultimately, she realizes: being together with her family is what makes her summer special.


Nabila Adani worked briefly as a product designer in Japan and Indonesia before moving to the United States to study children’s book illustration. Among the children’s books she has illustrated are Be a Bridge by Irene Latham and Charles Waters and Sunny and the Birds by Wendy Meddour. She enjoys illustrating and telling stories for children from around the world. Find her on Instagram as @adaninabila.

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