All the animals love the baby – and so will you!

"I saw the baby! Did you see the baby?" "Yes! I saw the baby, the teeny, weeny thing." "I tickled the baby! Did you tickle the baby?" "Yes! I tickled the baby, the wriggly, giggly thing!" Join in the fun in this shout-out-loud board book for the very youngest of children.


Mary Murphy, renowned for her fresh, bold artwork and warm, colourful graphics, has written and illustrated many picture books, including I Kissed the Baby, Utterly Lovely One, A Kiss Like This, Say Hello Like This! and Good Night Like This. Mary has also written two novelty titles, Crocopotamus and Picken, the picture book What I Like Most, illustrated by Zhu Cheng-Liang, and many Walker Baby board books, including, Quick Duck and Slow Snail. Mary lives in Dublin, Ireland. Find her online at


This shout-out-loud picture book is suitable for the very youngest of children.

Love Reading for Kids

A charming love story perfect for bedtime.


Lots of fun and very entertaining.

Mother and Baby


CBI Children’s Book of the Year
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