A goofy look at how some familiar monsters celebrate Valentine's Day.

Frankenstein isn't like any of the other monsters at the Valentine's Day ball. He doesn't like gross things and he's far too polite. But one monster likes that Frankenstein is different. She sends him a secret valentine, leading Frankenstein and the reader on a hilariously disgusting journey to finding her! In the end, all the monsters come to accept Frankenstein for the monster he is.

Readers of all ages will easily identify with the delightful cast of people, monsters, and animals featured in these charming stories. Just right for read-aloud, new readers, and reluctant readers.


Leslie Kimmelman is the author of dozens of fiction and nonfiction books for children. She is also a part-time editor at Sesame Workshop. She lives with her family in New York.

Timothy Banks is an award-winning artist and illustrator from Charleston, South Carolina. He’s created character designs for Nike, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network; quirky covers for Paste magazine; and lots of children’s books with titles like There’s A Norseman in My Classroom and The Frankenstein Journals. Also he’s had the honor to be featured in Lurzer’s Archive’s “200 Best Illustrators Worldwide,” and his work has been shown at Gallery Nucleus LA. He also recently wrote and illustrated a monster book opus for his hometown entitled Monsters in Charleston. You can find him most days painting and watching alligators swim by in his backyard.


A brightly colored, action-packed lesson in being yourself.


Banks’ digital illustrations go overboard (in a good way) in portraying the gruesome and grotesque, and small details in the spreads will delight careful observers. The bright palette features some almost-fluorescent shades, and his monsters are definitely a diverse bunch. Regardless of the monsters’ rather sudden turnabout, Frankenstein models self-assurance and kindness, both of which are much needed.

Kirkus Reviews

In this creepy, crawly, slimy, and adorable story, Frankenstein is off to the Valentine’s Day Bash. At this party filled with every kind of monster, Frankenstein seems to be the only monster who is kind. In a book filled with a delightfully disgusting array of skeletons, ghouls, and beasties in a riotous rainbow of colors, shapes, and sizes, Frankenstein and his fellow partygoers learn a valuable lesson about staying true to yourself while dancing and belching the night away.

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