Me, My Brother and the Monster Meltdown

Illustrator: Alex Patrick

Binding: Paperback

Imprint: Walker Books

Age 7+

Humorous Stories

Comedy chaos breaks loose when two brothers’ imaginary monsters come to life – in the supermarket! A laugh-out-loud adventure for fans of Dogman, the Treehouse series and Pamela Butchart books.

All the adults are freaking out. Giant monsters are smashing up supermarkets across the country. The army can’t stop them and the prime minister is hiding in panic. A colossal six-headed gingerbread man, a massive emoji poo, a gigantic bouncing bum… Top scientists have no idea where they come from – or why they seem to hate supermarkets so much. But nine-year-old Otis has an idea. The creatures are exactly the same as drawings by his five-year-old brother, Jago: what if Jago brought his crazy creations to life with a magic pen? But their parents won’t listen, so it’s up to Otis and his pals to sort this monster mess out!


Rob Lloyd Jones is the author of the highly acclaimed middle-grade novels Wild Boy and Wild Boy and the Black Terror, as well as four titles in the Jake Atlas adventure series. This is his first story for younger readers, created with his sons, Otis (9) and Jago (5), during 2020 Lockdown home-schooling. Rob says it ‘celebrates the power of children’s imaginations and their strength in adversity and adventure … and in a monster apocalypse’.
Rob lives in East Sussex with his wife, and monster-mad Otis and Jago.

Alex Patrick's lifelong love for cartoons, picture books and comics has shaped him into the passionate children’s illustrator he is today. Alex loves creating original, humorous characters, and is often found laughing to himself as he draws picture books such as Glamingo and Be Happy. This is his first young fiction title. He lives in Kent.


Chaos reigns pretty much sums up this adventure […] this is a madcap romp if ever there was one

Red Reading Hub

Me, My Brother and the Monster Meltdown is honestly one of the funniest children’s books I have read this year. […] The book mixes the humour of two children and a few Dad jokes (which helps the adults!). It is a fun and engaging read and full of humour. I would thoroughly recommend this to all children, especially children who are in a reading slump or struggle as this will definitely get them out of it! I am hoping there are going to be more in the series.



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