Follow four adorable insect friends as they look for a good place to live. A delightful new picture book from the award-wining author and illustrator Lucy Cousins.
Four insect friends are looking for a place to live – one that has flowers for Bee, leaves for Ladybird, a pond for Dragonfly and dead wood for Beetle. But – oh no! – with dangers all around, a good place is not so easy to find.
This brand new picture book from internationally acclaimed author-illustrator Lucy Cousins sees new depth and contrast to her familiar vivid colour palette. This story brings the natural world to joyful and vibrant life for young readers, inviting them to consider what they can do to help make our planet a good place for all living creatures


Lucy Cousins is the multi-award-winning creator of Maisy. Her unique titles fascinate toddlers with their child-like simplicity, bold outlines and vivid colours. "Maisy does things that children all over the world do," Lucy Cousins says of her superstar mouse. "The way she dresses, the way she acts, are typical of children all over the world." Lucy Cousins works from her home in Hampshire, England. Other titles include the Smarties Book Prize-winner Jazzy in the Jungle; Hooray for Fish! – which has appeared in animation in Japan; the bestselling New York Times Top 10 Best Illustrated Children's Book Yummy; the critically acclaimed Peck Peck Peck, which won Best Picture Book in the Booktrust Best Book Awards, as well as the British Book Design and Production Award in the Children's Trade category; and more recently Splish, Splash, Ducky! and Let's Play Monsters!


Caregivers and teachers can use the book as a springboard to discuss insect habitats with youngsters. Cousins sticks to her trademark style of bold, simple, uncluttered gouache pictures against solid backgrounds. . . . A subtly allegorical story about the universal search for home.

Kirkus Reviews

Another winner from this award-winning author is sure to be one that is treasured by young readers.

Read Plus

Lucy Cousins’ distinctive bright artwork is on full display here and admirably suits the subject matter. Page backgrounds vary in colour depending on the situation so the opening endpaper and the pages featuring footpaths and roads are duller than the glorious garden settings.This is an attractive, appealing picture book for young readers with a subliminal message about encouraging wildlife into our gardens.

Reading Time

The illustrations are vibrant, and the text is simple, yet the message is powerful. A wonderful story that teaches young readers about the importance of helping to keep our planet healthy for all living creatures.

The West Australian Ed

This is everything you would expect of a Lucy Cousins picture book: bold, colourful illustrations, simple text and childlike styling. The book engages all the senses and uses repetition effectively to drive home the simple but important themes of home and environment. The reader connects emotionally with the characters as well as having the chance to notice the broader message. Even the endpapers reinforce the journey from urban to garden. Addictive and engaging, this will be on heavy rotation for toddlers and preschoolers as well as their carers and teachers.

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