In this installment of dino competition, meat eaters face off against plant eaters in three high.speed auto events: drag racing, off-road racing, and stock-car racing.

Lisa Wheeler's rhymes explore thoughtful questions such as: Which dinosaurs would make the best chasers for support in a desert off-road race? Does T-Rex's king status transfer to the track? And can Diplosaurus actually fit inside a stock car? Barry Gott's illustraUons bring all the hilarious action to life. A high-interest addition to the successful lineup of Dino-Sports titles, this book is full of exciting and action-packed moments on the track and off-road.


Lisa is the author of many award-winning picture books. Her Seadogs won the 2006 Texas Bluebonnet Award and her Mammoths on the Move is a 2006 Parent's Choice. Barry Gott lives in Ohio and has illustrated many children's books, including all of the Dino-Sports books and What DO Teachers Do (After YOU Leave School)?


From drag to off-road to stock-car racing, Wheeler’s dinos traverse the circuits, as herbivores and carnivores compete in rhyme time. Gott’s bright stylistic art depicts the fierce contests and reflects insider humor as his racers zoom around Pangaea Speedway, flaunting sponsorship logos from Plantzoil, Scale Brite, and Primordial Soup. Happy readers and read-tos will pick up a few racing tips in this zippy entry into a series including Dino-Swimming and Dino-Boarding. And, oh yes, break out your toe-taps and your tutus—this one ends with a teaser for the next episode in the dino-sport lexicon: Dino-Dancing! VERDICT: Colorful rhyming fun for car lovers, racing aficionados, and dinophiles.

School Library Journal

This action-packed book combines twin obsessions for many children: dinosaurs and race cars. Readers follow the dino racers into the pits as they compete against each other in a series of thrilling, high-speed events, in front of a dinosaur audience whose spikes, long necks and tails, and sheer bulk add to the drama. Three separate races are presented in fascinating detail. First, Allo and Stego compete in a quarter-mile drag race. Next, a three-day off-road race kicks up plenty of dust. And lastly, vehicles line the track for a stock-car race. Gott’s digital illustrations explode off the page while rewarding observant readers with many inside jokes for dinosaur-lovers. Race-car driving comes alive with scenes of dinosaurs tailgating, surging into the stadium, working in pit crews, and parading to the start of the stock-car race. Car-crazy kids will also drool over the flashy race cars. Simple, rhymed couplets underscore the story’s action. Check out this team’s other dino-sports books, including Dino-Boarding (2014) and Dino-Swimming (2015).


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