Will Natterjack Toad EVER get to eat his cookies? Or will he become a SNACK himself?

Do you have a favourite snack? One you've been thinking about all day, and just can't wait to tuck into? Well, our friend Natterjack Toad has a packet of delicious chocolate-chunk crunchy-munch cookies and he can't wait to tuck in. So, he gets himself all nice and comfortable, ready to savour every last chocolately bite – he reaches into the packet, he opens his mouth, and then ... Natterjack Toad can't believe it! Every time he tries to eat his cookies, there's something in the way: a lanky heron, a frisky-whiskered weasel, a scurrying vole – all on the lookout for a (toady) snack themselves. Will he ever be able to eat his chocolate-chunk crunchy-munch cookies in peace?


Sean Taylor has written more than 40 books for young readers. These include picture books such as Hoot Owl, Master of Disguise, I Want to Be in a Scary Story and How To Be Cooler Than Cool, all illustrated by Jean Jullien, A Brave Bear, illustrated by Emily Hughes, Don't Call Me Choochie Pooh!, illustrated by Kate Hindley and The Dream Train, illustrated by Anuska Allepuz. He lives in Bristol with his wife and two sons. Find Sean online at seantaylorstories.com and on Twitter as @seantstories.

Kathryn Durst is a children's book illustrator who has worked on Hey Grandude and Grandude's Green Submarine by Paul McCartney, You're in Good Paws by Maureen Fergus and more. When she's not drawing, she lives in Canada with her grumpy mini Dachshund named Chili Dog. Find Kathryn online at kathryndurst.com and on Twitter and Instagram as @kathryndurst.

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