“Mam, did you think George was,” I say, “a bit … weird?”
“Weird? Yes, I suppose so. But you kids are all a bit weird if you ask me. And to tell the truth, it’d be weird if you weren’t.”

When a new boy joins the class, everyone thinks he’s a bit strange, but he’s brilliant at football and loves crisps, and that’s all that matters to Dan and Maxie. However, the truth about George is stranger than anyone could have imagined ... and more sinister, too. Can his new pals help him to become truly free?


David Almond OBE is the acclaimed author of many award-winning novels for children such as Skellig, Kit's Wilderness and My Name Is Mina, and has collaborated with artists Polly Dunbar, Dave McKean, Alex T. Smith and Oliver Jeffers on fiction for younger readers. David's books sell all over the world, and in 2011 he was the recipient of the prestigious Hans Christian Andersen Award. David divides his time between Bath and Newcastle.

Marta Altés loves to tell stories, and her passion for illustration saw her study for a degree in Graphic Design in Barcelona. She then moved to the UK to study for an MA in Children's Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art, and since then she has written and illustrated picture books such as My Grandpa, which won the Read It Again! Award, I Am an Artist, which won the Nottingham Children's Book Award, and NO!, which was shortlisted for the Waterstones Picture Book Prize. Marta lives in London.


Almond takes a thought-provoking look at AI, and what it means to be human, in an illustrated story set in the north-east of England.

The Bookseller

Cleverly disguised as a heist, Almond ’s moving page-turner ponders nothing less than humanity and free will, and how to have a great time in the woods.

The Observer (The New Review)

David Almond tackles deep philosophical themes with an invisibly light touch in this funny story about George, a new boy at school.

The Daily Mail, The Irish Daily Mail & The Scottish Daily Mail

Like so many of David Almond’s books, this ends up being a celebration of humanity and wonder, and of what it feels like to be young.

The Times & The Irish Times

I really liked the plot of this book as I couldn’t guess what George’s secret was until it was revealed half way through. Then the story gets really exciting as the friends try to save their strange new friend. If you like exciting books that are told by the child themselves, I think you will like this book.

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