Leif the Unlucky Viking: Saga of the Shooting Star

Illustrator: Gary Northfield

Binding: Paperback

Imprint: Walker Books

Leif the Unlucky Viking Series

Age 7+

Adventure Stories Historical Fiction Humorous Stories

An hilarious new illustrated chapter book series featuring the hapless adventures of Leif the Unlucky Viking wolf pup, from the creator of the hugely popular Julius Zebra books!

Leif is not unlucky. Yes, he does split his trousers at least once a week. And yes, he's always tripping up and falling down a hole. But he’s determined to become a true Viking hero, just like his dad. Can he unravel the riddles of a witch to find a magical shard of rock that has fallen from a shooting star and wield its mystical powers? He will have to journey deep into the heart of polar bear country, outwitting all kinds of mythological creatures along the way. Thankfully, he has Olaf, the annoying duck, Toki, the nincompoop Puffin, and Flora, the incredibly smelly Muskox, for company. He's going to need all the luck he can get!


A visually joyous, effortlessly hilarious epic of dogs, ducks, Vikings and magic!

Featured in The Bookseller’s August 2023 children’s previews.

The Bookseller

A laugh-out-loud epic adventure. Bonkers and brilliant!

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