From Hiawyn Oram and Gwen Millward comes a wild, read-aloud celebration of breaking the rules, taking a chance, and having the most brilliant of adventures.

Sophie absolutely adores Jimi and smothers him with treats. She thinks he has everything a cat could possibly desire. And Jimi does ... but he doesn’t ... because secretly Jimi longs to explore the bright and bustling world outside. So when Sophie rushes out one day forgetting her keys, there’s only one thing for it: Jimi slips on his coat and skedaddles out of there, too! Where will he go and who will he meet on those wild and exciting streets? And what on earth will Sophie say? Children and parents alike will rejoice in this funny, stylish and heart-warming celebration of freedom, adventure, friendship and love.


Hiawyn Oram has been writing children's books for more than twenty years and has had more than 90 books published to date, including the picture books Filbert, the Good Little Fiend, illustrated by Jimmy Liao, and Snowboy and the Last Tree Standing, illustrated by Birgitta Sif. She has won the Japanese Picture Book Award and the Prix du Livre Culturel. She lives in West London. Find her on Twitter as @hiawynoram.

Gwen Millward is the illustrator of numerous books for children, including Stories from Bug Garden, written by Lisa Moser, The Bog Baby written by Jeanne Willis, Guess What I Found in Dragon Wood, written by Timothy Knapman, and Rosie's Special Present, written by Myfanwy Millward. She is also the author-illustrator of Bear and Bird. Gwen lives in Bristol. Find her online at and on Twitter as @gwenmillward.


The illustrations and text are humorous (children will love the Jimi’s ridiculous outfits and the dodgy cat party) but there is also a nice message about how living life and doing gives us happiness rather than things. It is also about how part of loving someone is letting them be who they are, not just keeping them to ourselves.


Illustrator Millward draws a wonderful Jimi with a wistful look upon his face, peering out longingly into the freedom offered by ‘outside’. Her multiplicity of cats is a delight on every page and children will adore the cats having a wonderful time in the apartment before the adults return.


a fun story… Recommended.

CBCA: Reading Time

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