“Look at the polar bears,” said Terry. “You see that one on the left, the fatter one? That’s our dad – our real dad. But you’re not to tell."

Drawing on Michael Morpurgo's own childhood experience of first seeing his real father on television, My Father Is a Polar Bear tells the story of two young brothers rediscovering their birth father in the most unlikely of places – and in an entirely unexpected guise! A warm and delightful tale of family bonds and love told by a master storyteller and beautifully illustrated by a talented new artist.


Michael Morpurgo was 2003–2005 Children's Laureate, has written over 100 books and is the winner of many awards, including the Whitbread Children's Book Award, the Smarties Book Prize, the Blue Peter Award and the Red House Children's Book Award. His books are translated and read around the world and his hugely popular novel War Horse is now both a critically acclaimed stage play and a highly successful film. Michael and his wife, Clare, live in Devon. Visit Michael's website at: www.michaelmorpurgo.com.

Felicita Sala was born in Rome but grew up in Perth, Australia, where she graduated in European languages and philosophy. After a time spent between France and Spain she eventually settled back in Italy, where she now works on various illustration and animation projects and runs art workshops for children. Felicita has created illustrations for Delicious magazine, Tesco Real Food magazine, ELI editions, L’Unità, E/O Editions, Nuova Ecologia magazine, Cometa magazine and Tapirulan illustrator’s calendar. Felicita lives in Rome with her husband and baby daughter and this is her first book for children. You can find out more about her work at: felicitasala.blogspot.co.uk


I really liked the start and end images, and how this book is set in the past. The illustrations are very brightly coloured and go well with the text. Zoe, age 12


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