The Story of Britain

Illustrator: Martha Dillon, P.J. Lynch

Binding: Hardcover

Imprint: Walker Books

Age 10+

History & The Past: General Interest

A definitive history of Britain which tells the story of two islands, Britain and Ireland, and all the people, Scottish, Irish, Welsh and English, who have lived in them.

A comprehensive history of Britain that delves into some edgy and less well-known events as well as shining a light on the more traditional narratives of Scottish, Irish, Welsh and English history - William the Conqueror's arrival in 1066, Magna Carta, the Great Fire of London, the execution of Charles I, the abolition of slavery, the Battle of Britain and many more, as well as all the famous characters we know and love (or hate). This jacketed hardback edition is lavishly illustrated by Irish artist P.J. Lynch.


Patrick Dillon is the author of two highly acclaimed history books for adults: The Last Revolution and The Much-Lamented Death of Madam Geneva. On writing The Story of Britain, he says, "I first fell in love with history through stories, and, thirty years later, found that they were stories my children loved too. I decided it was time to write a new history and take that journey again. I wanted The Story of Britain to show that what happened in the past happened to real people, to put across all the different things it means to be British, and to explain how the stories I loved made us who we are today." Patrick Dillon won a scholarship to Cambridge to read English but chose to read architecture at University College London, specializing in architectural history. Patrick lives in London with his wife and children.

P.J. Lynch grew up in Belfast and has won many awards, including the Mother Goose Award, the Christopher Medal, and the prestigious Kate Greenaway Medal on two occasions. On illustrating The Story of Britain, P.J. Lynch says, "For a history buff like me, working on this book has been a particular pleasure - and a great learning experience. I had read a lot about individual characters and various periods, but Patrick Dillon's wonderful history shows how they all fit together." P.J. Lynch lives in Dublin with his wife and three children.

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