My Boyfriend Is a Monster 6: Wrapped Up in You

Illustrator: Natalie Nourigat

Binding: Paperback

Imprint: Graphic Universe - Lerner Publishing Group

Age 12+

Comic Strip Fiction / Graphic Novels

Wrapped Up in You aims its wooden stake/silver bullet/pitchfork at the heart of the paranormal romance YA readers love, giving insight into real-world relationships everyone could use, and with True Love for its horror-story roots.

Staci Glass feels cursed-whenever there's a crisis, she's stuck in the middle. Now her best friend, Faith, has a new hobby, and against her better judgment, Staci conjures up the courage to go along. They join a trio of wannabe witches for a magical ceremony in an lncan history exhibit. Their chanting is loud enough to raise the dead, it seems. Why else would a shriveled-up mummy go missing-and a mysterious Peruvian prince suddenly appear?., Prince Pachacutec-or ""Chuck""-is a man with a past. He died tragically five hundred years ago, but that's all ancient history as far as Staci is concerned. He is everything she could want-kind, charming, and drop-dead gorgeous. But the witches aren't willing to live and let live. Will Staci fight for Chuck? Or do the witches have a point when they say reanimated corpses make bad boyfriends?


Comic book author and video game writer Dan Jolley has created work for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and TokyoPop and for game developers including Activision and Ubisoft. He is also the author of several Graphic Myths and Legends titles including Odysseus, Pig ling (a Korean Cinderella story), and The Hero Twins: Against the Lords of Death (a Mayan myth). Among his Twisted Journeys(r) titles are Vampire Hunt, Escape from Pyramid X, and Agent Mongoose and the Hypno-Beam Scheme. Dan wrote My Boyfriend Bites, the third book in the My Boyfriend Is a Monster series, and also scripts storylines and dialogue for video games such as Transformers: War for Cybertron and Prototype 2. He lives in Georgia with his wife Tracy and four cats.

Natalie 'Tally' Nourigat is a sequential artist living in Portland, Oregon. She is a member of Periscope Studio and has the pleasure of making comics for a living. Her other comic work includes Between Gears (from Image Comics) and A Boy and a Girl (from Oni Press).

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