Little Pinto and the Wild Horses of Mustang Canyon

Illustrator: Daniel San Souci

Binding: Paperback

Imprint: Candlewick Press

Age 5+

Picture Books

What could be more thrilling than to run with a band of wild mustangs — and to share Little Pinto’s instinct to survive?

Deep in the heart of the canyon, Little Pinto is just three weeks old. Still a bit unsteady on his feet, he must be ready to travel with his family, a band of rare wild mustangs, as they search for water along the desert flats. Led by the colt’s father, Old White Face, the band roams freely, but must always be alert for signs of danger. At his signal, they are ready to scatter to safety, whether a strange stallion threatens or a whining plane swoops overhead. But can Little Pinto keep up?


Jonathan London is an award-winning author of dozens of children’s books, including the popular Froggy series illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz. He is well known for his compassion for—and commitment to—wildlife, and many of his books are about animals. He lives in northern California.

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