Having trouble with your backpack zipper? Maybe there’s a monster inside! A little girl slowly warms up to her unexpected guest in this funny story.

When Annie unzips her backpack and finds a monster inside, it’s hard to say who is more shocked. "AAAAHHHH!" yells the monster. "EEEEEEKKKK!" yells Annie. Then the monster proceeds to gobble up Annie’s sandwich, put gum in her boot, and tear up her homework to use as confetti for an "Annie is great" parade during class. With perfect comic timing, this charming story depicts a young girl’s shift from annoyance to affection as a disarming monster makes an untimely appearance.


Lisa Moser received a degree is elementary education with a concentration in reading from the University of Iowa. This is her first book.

Noah Z. Jones took part in a fifth-grade monster-drawing competition many years ago and has loved drawing all sorts of funny and creepy creatures ever since. Noah is also the illustrator of Not Norman: A Goldfish Story by Kelly Bennett.

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