The master storyteller, Charles Perrault, created the genre the fairy tale from pre-existing folk tales. 'Cinderella' is one of the most loved. It has been adopted into film and animation, and this book, with illustrations by Loek Koopmans is very satisfying. The story, translated by Anthea Bell is smoothly told and contains the happy ending in which Cinderella forgives her stepfamily. A good title for reading enjoyment and will also help boost reading skills.

""Illustrations featuring mix of styles in both clothing and architecture set the story in an imaginary yet vaguely familiar landscape, lit by a dreamlike haze. The smoothly told story...contains the familiar details and a happy ending in which Cinderella forgives her stepfamily."" (The Horn Book Club)

This satisfying tale never grows old. Koopman's illustrations are jewel-toned and Cinderella attractive as a person and figure."" (Yellow Brick Road)


Charles Perrault is the author of the 1697 classic Stories or Tales from Times Past, which had the added title on the frontispiece, Tales of Mother Goose.

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