French illustrator Dorothée de Monfreid is back with a fresh, comical take on sharing a bedroom and trying to sleep, in an unusual tall boardbook format.

Everyone is sound asleep, but when Popov starts snoring, the others wake up. Nono wants a story, Zaza wants to switch beds, Kipp wants a drink of water…Will anyone sleep tonight?


Dorothée de Monfreid was born in France in 1973. She worked for a time as a graphic designer before beginning to write and illustrate children’s books. Dorothée lives and works in Paris.


Eight dogs in a pair of quadruple-level bunk beds make for a raucous bedtime shuffle in this clever, delightfully illustrated oversize comics-style board book.

The New York Times

The dogs’ prickly personalities, de Monfried’s enthusiastic cartooning, and an innately goofy premise deliver laughs with every page turn.

Publishers Weekly

While minimal speech bubbles help convey some action, much of the plot is to be discovered in the funny, detail-rich illustrations, which children will enjoy poring over again and again.

Kirkus Reviews

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