An exciting new addition to this magical, mythical series.

In Carrick things are changing and Mally needs to change too. Her brothers and sisters are fearless, light as scuds, quick as hoppers. Not Mally. She knows too many secrets. Mally is frightened – frozen at the edge of the shore. Out of nowhere comes Dolyn Craig – a sneak and a bully. But that’s not the worst of it. He wants something from Mally. But what?


Ananda Braxton-Smith is a journalist and children's author. She has written several titles for Black Dog Books, including a series for older readers, the Secrets of Carrick. The first two books in the series, Merrow and Tantony, were Children’s Book Council of Australia Notable Books in 2011 and 2012, in addition to being finalists in the Young Adult Fiction category of the 2010 and 2011 Aurealis Awards.


Ghostheart resonates with language both poetic and accessible, words and phrases that will have readers entranced…

Aussie Reviews

The world of Carrick is stark and beautiful, cruel and magical, encircled by the unforgiving sea. From the opening sentence, I entered the cave of this story willingly, bewitched by the eerie poetry of Ananda’s words, and stepped out encrusted in salt, gritty with sand, and haunted.

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