The Bloodhound Boys: The Monster Truck Tremor Dilemma

Illustrator: Andrew Cranna

Binding: Paperback

Imprint: Walker Books Australia

Age 8+

General Fiction

The Bloodhound Boys are back for another adventure … but will they survive the deadliest race of all?

Deep under the Earth’s crust, Skull River City is experiencing unexplained earthquakes AND impending doom. But Rocky and Vince have a challenge of their own – competing in the Monster Truck Grand Prix. A roller-coaster ride full of twits and turns, this lethal race will lead the Bloodhound Boys way off track. Will these undead friends be able to follow the signs back home in time to stop the earthquakes?


Andrew Cranna grew up in rural NSW. After studying Primary Education at university, Andrew travelled around the world teaching and playing rugby in various places. After finishing a bicycle adventure through Asia, Andrew settled in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to continue teaching and illustrating for travel magazines and local newspapers. Andrew later returned to Australia to complete a Masters Degree in Art Education and take up a position as Art Master at Sydney Grammar Prep School at St Ives where he continues to teach. He currently lives on the Central Coast with his wife and two sons and spends his travel time to school writing and drawing. The Bloodhound Boys: The Great Blood Bank Robbery (2013) was his first book.


This graphic novel has all the elements to keep young boys engaged and turning pages.

Creative Kids Tales

The story is certainly action packed and the dynamic black and white illustrations keep our attention firmly on the page.

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The Bloodhound Boys has all the elements of appeal to its young intended readership, especially boys. Open the book at any page and action abounds across the panels and comic humour infuses the dialogue through juvenile colloquialisms and snappy one-liners.


Primary school readers who like humorous graphic novels will be delighted by the Bloodhound Boys and their group of oddball friends… Readers are in for a crazy ride.


The characters, whilst monsters are charming and expressive as they rise to the challenges before them.

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