How [not] to keep it together when your world falls apart.

Freia Lockhart has the essentials for an awesome summer: great new friends, a supremely kissable boyfriend, plans for New Year’s Eve (which don’t include her parents) and no school. When her mum reveals some devastating news, Freia’s plans for the summer of her dreams are crushed. Now she’s trying to keep things together at home and salvage her holidays, but it’s not easy when you’ve got secrets to keep, a little brother who’s going off the rails and a nosy gran who won’t stay out of your business.


Aimee Said lives in Melbourne. When she’s not writing, she works as a content manager for a government website. Aimee drew from her own experiences from high school for the origins of Finding Freia Lockhart. In 2013, Freia Lockhart’s Summer of Awful won the Australian Family Therapists’ Award for Children’s Literature.


Said writes with a characteristic lightness and humour that is a joy to read. The trials of young friendships, sibling rivalries and family dynamics are realistic and moving, not just for the target audience of teenage girls…


This is a fantastic and entertaining follow-on from Finding Freia Lockhart. Written in a light-hearted narrative with hilarious asides, Freia Lockhart’s Summer of Awful addresses themes that encircle teen angst: the insecurities that come with first love, the confusion that is born from threats to family stability, and in real friendships, the importance of sticking together and sharing your problems no matter what.

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Loved this as much as the first book, I hope there will be a third!


This is a marvellous read, full of the highs and lows of family life…no one is unbelievable, each is a rounded character, and lower secondary people will feel welcomed to this family.

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