500 years into the future, the world is a different place. Newperth is divided into the haves, the “Centrals”; the have-nots, the “Bankers”; and the fringe dwellers, the “Ferals”. Sixteen-year-old Rosie Black is a Banker. When she finds an unusual box that a mysterious organisation will kill to get, she is forced to rely on strangers for help. But who can Rosie trust: Pip, the attractive Feral, or Riley, the secretive man he calls boss? Rosie must learn the secrets of the box – before it’s too late.

Genesis is the first book in The Rosie Black Chronicles, a thrilling young adult science-fiction series by Australian author Lara Morgan. This action-packed dystopian novel was long-listed in the 2011 Davitt Awards and is perfect for fans of The Hunger Games and Divergent. Continue the adventure with Equinox (Book 2) and Dark Star (Book 3). Read more at www.lara-morgan.com

“Rosie Black is a great heroine – gutsy, intelligent, inventive and full of heart. Perfect if you love sci-fi and/or realistic young-adult fiction.” The West Australian

“Will have you on the edge of your seat!” Dolly magazine

“Fast-paced and stylishly written.” The Australian

“Verdict: Will have you itching for more.” Daily Telegraph

“Nothing could tempt me to put such a novel down. Whether it be my hunger, or my eyes falling heavily wary. Nothing could tear us apart.” Orbit

“A breathless space adventure with exciting twists and turns of plots, a mysterious organization willing to kill to hide its dark secrets, and multi-faceted characters with complex allegiances. Rosie is an appealing, feisty protagonist, who has skills and courage.” Reading Time magazine

“A good sci-fi novel for young teenagers. Rosie’s future world is well developed without irritating over-exposition … Readers will find it is satisfying that young protagonist Rosie is able to work with the adult characters, rather than having to constantly overcome them. Young teenage girls will love Rosie’s resourcefulness, and will enjoy the frustrating love interest.” Bookseller+Publisher

“From Martian canyons to the futuristic cities of Earth, The Rosie Black Chronicles is one of the freshest, best sci-fi stories in years.” Illawarra Mercury

“Morgan gives us some fabulously strong female characters, a beautifully rendered multicultural society, and a thoughtful consideration of the social and economic issues that might result from our current environmental sacrilege, and adds a twisty plot and some fabulous pacing on top of these already strong foundations.” Read in a Single Sitting blog

“A sharp YA thriller set in an all-too-believable future … It is the eerie familiarity of the urban Australian landscape and the sheer terrifying possibility of this future that makes this one stand out from the increasingly crowded shelves.” Readings


Lara Morgan is a first-generation Australian of Croatian and Bermudian descent. She wrote her first book when she was seven – a plagiarised version of The Magic Faraway Tree – and has been writing on and off ever since. She has worked in community arts and at a community newspaper but now spends most of her time writing. Awakening, Book One of her adult trilogy, The Twins of Saranthium, was released in 2008 by Pan Macmillan. Book Two in the series, Betrayal, was released in March 2010.


This read will have you on the edge of your bus seat!


Nothing could tempt me to put such a novel down. Whether it be my hunger, or my eyes falling heavily wary. Nothing could tear us apart.


Verdict: Will have you itching for more.

Daily Telegraph

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