Britannica’s Amazing Word Activities: Please Don’t Laugh, We Lost a Giraffe!

Illustrator: Xavi Ramiro

Binding: Paperback

Imprint: Britannica Books

Britannica’s Amazing Word Activities Series

Age 5+

Educational: English Language & Literacy Mysteries & The Supernatural Educational: Biology Farm Animals Wildlife: Butterflies, Other Insects & Spiders Insects (Entomology) Amphibians Crime & Mystery Colouring & Painting Activity Books

Kid detectives Mimi and Wilbur can solve any mystery with a bit of help! Unscramble word puzzles, navigate letter mazes and crack the codes to discover the mystery. Mimi and Wilbur travel to a local wildlife refuge, Wildlife World, to discover some terrible news: their favourite giraffe, Zari, is missing! As Mimi and Wilbur set out to find Zari, they meet animals along the way who also need help. Can you piece together the clues to help all the animals find their way home?


Tish Rabe is a bestselling children's book author, singer, songwriter, children's media producer, animation head writer, children's book publisher, and expert in creating all forms of quality media for children and families. She has written over 170 books for Dr. Seuss, Disney, Sesame Street, PBS Kids, Clifford, Curious George, Blue's Clues, and more.

Xavi Ramiro is an award-winning illustrator who has worked across a range of media, including newspapers and magazines, apps and games, and children’s and young adult books. He is skilled in character design and enjoys illustrating fantastical stories. Xavi usually works digitally, and draws inspiration from fashion, design and nature. He lives in Girona in Catalonia, Spain, and is currently chair of the Professional Association of Illustrators of Catalonia.

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