The Secret Lives of Mermaids

Expert Guides to Mythical Creatures

Illustrator: Anja Sušanj

Binding: Hardcover

Imprint: Flying Eye Books

The Secret Lives of..... Series

Age 7+

Fantasy & Magical Realism

Dive in to discover all there is to know about mermaids in this beautifully illustrated myths book.

Dive in to discover all there is to know about mermaids in this beautifully illustrated myths book. But wait - if you thought mermaids were fantasy creatures who existed only in myth and fairytale, think again! New research has discovered they are a rich and varied group of beings.

The famed merologist Professor Tola’s great work covers everything from their long and sinewy tails to the magical properties of merpeople from the Pacific Ocean to the frozen Arctic. Merperson researchers from the Institute of Merology have discovered a secret underwater kingdom where these magical beings swim, play, learn and sing. Now you can become a mermaid expert too!


Anja Susanj is originally from coastal Croatia so it’s only natural she gets along so well with fish! She received an MA in illustration at the University of the Arts London and has been doing illustration ever since. She has a passion for nature’s shapes and old stories and legends. This is her first book.


But perhaps the most important section is the final one which examines how and why the oceans are changing, how that is affecting them and what we, as humans, can do to protect both them and their environment. Mermaids (and unicorns) continue to be a source of fascination for many, particularly young girls, and this is a really imaginative way to introduce them to the concept of ocean conservation as well as non fiction generally. To build a complete world in this way, albeit one based on a fantasy, is a clever way to make the reader stop and think about what might live between the waves and pause before they chuck their plastic bag in the water or let their balloons go into the sky.

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