Follow-up to the much-loved Mrs Noah's Pockets, Mrs Noah plants a new garden – and Mr Noah gets a surprise.

A new story about the lovable, independent-minded and resourceful Mrs Noah will be widely welcomed.

"Mrs Noah touched the earth. It was warm on her fingertips. She looked all round the Ark. On the south side the slope was less steep. A few shrubs and bushes had clung on, despite the flood. Two yew trees stood, ancient and tall.

Yes, thought Mrs Noah. Here."

Mrs Noah, ever-resourceful, ever-surprising, won a host of admirers with Mrs Noah's Pockets (2016). Now, with the Ark safely grounded, she gives herself a new task, to make a garden in the bare earth. The famously deep pockets hold flower and plant seeds, and with her children's help she prepares the ground, plants and waters, until on a magical midsummer's morning, the garden is there in full bloom. For Mr Noah, who has watched her sewing in the evenings and thought, 'Ah, curtains at last', there is a special surprise.

Mrs Noah's Pockets was one of the Guardian's Best Picture Books of 2017.


Jackie Morris is celebrated both as an author and an artist (illustrator of The Lost Words (2017) and author and illustrator of The Seal Children (new edition 2012). Artist in Residence at the Hay Festival in 2017, she lives at St David's, in Wales, maintains a very lively and informative blog, and is much in demand for story and illustration sessions, and signings.

James Mayhew illustrator, author, storyteller, concert presenter, grew up in Suffolk, England, and always knew he was going to be an artist. He is a trustee for Action for Children's Arts, and an ambassador for Side by Side with Refugees. He won the New York Times book illustration award in 1994 and has won numerous awards and prizes since.

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