Wrestling fleas. Fighting dogs. Welcome to Dogland. The quiet suburb of Grandview has another name. The dogs know it as Dogland. Strongdog, Rock, Crackers and Cakehole share a hidden life with hundreds of other canine warriors — a life their owners know nothing about. They secretly control the streets with their own set of rules. But there’s something controlling them. And it’s pushing Dogland to the brink of war.


Michael Wagner is the author of 50+ books for children. Prior to becoming a children’s author, Michael had worked as radio broadcaster, written and produced award-winning animation, and written and performed comedy. In his spare time, he writes songs for his band, The Grownups. You can find out more about Michael from his fun and revealing website: www.michaelwagner.com.au


The question of what motivates us in life, and the personality we present to the world, is explored with humour and energy in Michael Wagners new book Dog Wars.


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